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Special crushing, sorting and recycling equipment for circuit boards

Due to the extensive use and widespread existence of circuit boards, a lot of waste circuit boards are produced every year. If these circuit boards are not recycled properly, it is easy to cause environmental pollution and waste of resources. Is there any equipment that specializes in recycling waste circuit boards?

The recycling and reuse of waste circuit boards generally require the removal of electronic components on the motherboard, and then pulverizing and grinding the circuit boards from which the components have been removed to sort out the resin powder and metal powder. In this way, it can be recycled again.

PCB recycling plant

PCB recycling plant

The whole process includes dismantling and recycling of electronic components, mother board crushing, grinding, air sieve and electrostatic separation, and it is also necessary to equip with dust removal equipment to avoid adverse impact on the environment.

Waste circuit boards have now become the main electronic waste, and the recycling cost is extremely low. If handled properly, it can not only reduce the harm to the environment and the human body, but also generate certain economic benefits.

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