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Sorting Effect of Copper Wire Recycle Machine is obvious

With the frequent economic activities, the number of used electric cables has increased accordingly. The scrapping of dismantling lines and the dismantling lines of used household appliances have been increasing. The selection of metal copper by manual selection will not be able to adapt to the expansion of production scale. In the past few years, the industry in the recycling of used wire and cable has developed rapidly, but most of them use the copper wire recycle obtained after technically disposing of waste wire and cable. It can only be used as scrap copper. If it is used as raw material copper, It needs to undergo smelting, electrolysis and other processes. The emergence of dry copper rice machine solved the big problem. In the past, the equipment was mainly imported. The copper wire recycle machine developed by Suny Group through continuous technological innovation has a good effect in the production of recycling waste wires. It has played a role in the industry. The demonstration effect has been greatly developed. Waste rubber, scrap car dismantling line, rubber, plastic, foam, etc. in the old home appliance dismantling line, with the increase of such materials, how to more effectively separate copper and plastic, dry copper rice machine The use of specific gravity sorting bed wind vibration sorting, the effect is obvious.
The copper wire recycle machine adopts a new wear-resistant cutter structure, which improves the regeneration yield of copper and reduces the waste of raw materials; saves energy and environmental protection, does not pollute the environment; has a wide range of applications, can process any material of renewable copper; easy to disassemble easy installation and maintenance; fully automatic machine for continuous operation throughout the day; compact structure and small footprint. The fuselage uses steel as raw material, which is stable and durable; the principle of copper rice machine equipment is sorted according to the difference of charge and conductivity between metal and plastic in high voltage corona electric field. The copper wire recycle machine has the characteristics of low noise, large output and strong innovation. The copper in the cable separated and recycled by the machine can maintain the quality of the original copper, and can also recover the advantages of plastics, etc., and can generate good economic benefits.

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