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Single sided PCB recycling “invaluable”

Single sided PCB recycling “invaluable”,With the wide application of electronic products and its corresponding industries, the rapid development of waste electronic products including waste computers, communications equipment, household appliances, abandoned all sorts of electronic instruments and other industrial production process of waste, waste, has become a new environmental hazards, environmental pollution by electronic waste is also increasingly outstanding.
Printed circuit board (PCB), which is the basis for the electronics industry can be referred to as the “mother of the electronic system products, various kinds of electronic products is an indispensable key electronic interconnection, widely used in the large computers, office appliances and personal computers, home appliances, entertainment etc. Various kinds of electronic equipment and its ancillary products.
PCB with the elimination of electronic products, the amount of waste and with the increase of the amount of electronic waste and rapid growth of computer (computer, for example, PCB to about 8% of the total weight), and electronic products produced in the process of processing the large amount of waste, waste leftover material also contains a large amount of waste PCB, therefore formed by PCBS electronic pollution has become a serious environmental problem.
The composition of waste PCB
Main sources of waste PCB for PCB manufacturing process of demolition of defective goods, scrap and waste electronic product components of the PCB substrate.
General PCB substrate by polymers (resin), kraft paper, or glass fiber, and high purity copper (also contain small amounts of other metals) of three kinds of materials, the three kinds of materials is the main component of waste PCB.
Scrap the PCB in addition there are the elements such as C, H, O, Br element content of about 9%. Calorific value is displayed in the appropriate combustion conditions, waste PCB can sustain combustion, but its combustion emit harmful gases containing bromide. At the same time, because of waste PCB material contains chlorine and organic matter, caused by improper burning dioxin, cause very serious air pollution. There are different types of PCB substrate, different types contain material composition is also different, in table 2 as waste PCB of metal and nonmetal materials.
Widely used in PCB substrate metal content is 6% ~ 6%, non-metallic materials (resin and glass fiber, etc.) content is 76% ~ 76%, the content of non-metallic materials is much higher than the content of metal materials.
In recent years, the discharge of waste household appliances increased year by year, for electronic products and dismantling, recycling, use will be a very good investment projects, our company professional committed to the development and production of environmental protection equipment, can provide you with a series of planning, can provide you with Automatic Circuit board dismantling machine, PCB recycling machine, cable recycling machine and a series of electronic products recycling system.

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