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Shredder machine matters needing attention

Shredder machine since the introduction of our country has experienced several years of development, the shredding machine production technology already quite mature, Shredder machine is the solid waste recycling equipment in common use. In the use of shredding machine is, how should pay attention to:

Using shredded, appropriate use of a few little skill, can improve shredding machine production, reduce energy consumption, and can reduce the shredding machine failure.

1, the Shredder machine on two minutes after the first charge, don’t let shredding machine equipment idling for continual production again after two minutes.

2, in pieces before proceeding with the work to sort of shredded material planning, material for partition of the same size, the same kind of investment, together can improve the work efficiency of shredding machine, production will rise.

3, after the Shredder machine feeding, will all the material discharge and then turn off the shredding machine equipment, so as to avoid damage to the motor after starting up.

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