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SERI Publishes Draft of Revision to R2 Certification Standard

The Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) has announced release of draft of Reuse and Recycling (R2) certification standard. The draft has been released for public to submit their reviews. The new standard will be finalized after considering public inputs during the comment periods. Until then, the current edition, R2:2013, will remain in effect.

The public is invited to download R2v3 draft from the official SERI website and submit their comments or suggestions for improvement within the 45-days public comment period. The TAC will consider all comments submitted and may initiate further comment periods, if required, after incorporating changes. The final version of R2 revised standard is expected to be completed in late-2019.

The draft is the end result of efforts of SERI’s R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for more than three years. It outlines a set of core requirements that must be met by all R2 certified e-waste recycling facilities. In addition, it also provides a list of additional process requirements applicable to specific businesses, depending on their operating environment. Further, it recommends stricter requirements in various areas including data protection, health and safety. The draft calls for more emphasis on testing, repair and reuse.

The SERI press release noted that the draft will help the certification standard to better adapt to diverse facility types and evolving business models.

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