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Seoul got earnings recycling the waste electronic

South Korea said recently, the domestic need more and more electronic waste treatment. In order to prevent people put a lot of old computers, smart phones and other electronic products are thrown into a landfill, leaked toxic chemicals, some local governments initiate e-waste recycling project.

Seoul produce about 10 tons of e-waste each year, about 1/5 of which is sent to the recycling center. Here, unwrapped these waste workers, through the PCB circuit board recycling machine, cable recycling machinery equipment and so on, the valuable gold, copper and other rare metals. It is reported, recycling metal worth $3.8 billion a year.
Recycling center of Seoul’s chief executive, jean said, it is not only for profit, more important is to protect the environment. He said: “the earth’s natural resources are limited, the company by recycling these materials contribute to the construction of sustainable society. To waste in here, about 90% for reuse.”
Since 2009, the Seoul city government cooperation and recycling center, recycling of electronic waste from the government and private industry. Some environmental groups say, although recycling center like these can reduce the electronic waste thrown into a landfill, but is not enough.
Proficient in digital technology of koreans keep buying electronic products, it is estimated that South Korea of electronic waste, only about 21% of properly recycled.

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  1. Digitally-savvy South Koreans keep buying more gadgets. In the end, some estimate that about 21 percent of the country’s total e-waste actually gets properly recycled. 

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