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Scrap waste PCB metal separation recycling system

Scrap waste PCB metal separation recycling system,The PCB circuit board is generally made of glass fiber, reinforced resin and metal mixture.Waste circuit board , if not properly treated, it is harmful to the environment and human health, But at the same time the circuit board has recycling value. For example, waste printed circuit boards, copper, tin and other non-ferrous metals and molybdenum, gold, silver, and other precious metals are valuable economic resources. So finding the answer of how to purify the waste circuit board and rare metal recovery, has great social significance and economic significance.
Scrap waste PCB metal separation recycling system adopts advanced technology at home and abroad .and our machine takes the high voltage electrostatic separator with high purity metal recycling rate 99%and we also have the patent of deduster machine ,the deduster has three dedust method :clothes -bag dedust,cyclone dust removal and the dust removal by air cleaner .during producting there is no dust spilt out ,little noise ,no air pollution ,do not need to add anything the three-in-one dust collector we have patent
Application of Scrap waste PCB metal separation recycling system:
For all kinds of waste circuit boards, computer, TV board, aluminium board , with copper,printed circuit board and the processing waste, such as waste electrical appliance mechanical crushing recycling, the metal recovery is high, the purity of metal recycling as high as 99.99%.
Scrap waste PCB metal separation recycling system Features:
1)The key technology of waste pcb recycling plant is to intergrate different breaking and dissociation equipment deducated to various waste and used printed circuit board so as to achieve the maximum energy -saving effect and high metal separation rate.
2)This Waste PCB Recycling plant is an upgraded and renewed product of wind -separated products ,which consumes less power than wind-separated type has no noise ,it nees less manual operation and has higher degree of automaton,it improves the effectively and become compact ,thus it is the most ideal production line to recycle waste and used circuit board up to the present day
3) The Waste PCB Recycling plant price of it is only about 1/3-1/5 of the similar domestic production alike ,the largest of our treatment capacity of one machine could deal with one ton per hour ,and the recovery rate of copper is about 3%-5%higher than other manufacturer of the sort .
4).It needs fewer operators and has no pollution and noise ,besides the equipment s flexible to layout

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