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Routine Maintenance of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

In recent years, the electronics industry has developed at a high speed, and a large number of gold-plated parts in sales and consumption need to be processed to recover the gold. Every year, hundreds of tons of gold-containing scraps need to be disposed of. Most of the circuit boards are recycled with cyanide and nitric acid, which will cause a large amount of pollutants to be discharged. If the circuit board recycling process is used to raise gold, it can not only protect the natural environment, but also improve economic efficiency. This is beneficial to the country and the people.
The circuit board recycling equipment is mainly used for the separation of metal and non-metal in materials such as waste circuit boards, copper clad boards, circuit boards and trims. The successful development of the machine not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also prevents secondary pollution. This sales line adopts secondary pulverization for waste circuit board recycling processing, making it a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; then separating the metal from the resin by wind and static separation. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a pulse dust removal device is added after the air separation process to effectively solve the dust pollution problem.
Circuit board recycling equipment features: 1. New automatic control device, making the whole process flow in an orderly manner, not only reducing manual operation, but also reducing energy consumption, pollution-free emissions, and improving work efficiency. 2. Comprehensive performance, computer board, computer Boards, TV boards and other line control boards have unique effects. The recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitor parts is also compatible. 3. This sales line is an upgraded product of air-selective type products. It has a smaller footprint and is an ideal sales line for recycling of used electric (line) road boards. 3. The whole set of equipment adopts a new type of dust collector. The three-in-one dust removal (cyclone dust removal + electrostatic dust removal + static dust removal) has no pollution to the air and no exhaust emissions. 4. The equipment has a neat appearance, flexible installation and convenient operation.

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