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Recycling Electronic Waste with Green Way

With the upgrading of electronic consumption, e-waste has become an environmental issue in the new era. How to achieve recycling and find a place for scientific disposal has become a top priority. Among them, in order to realize the green treatment of electronic waste, the early stage of garbage classification is crucial.

Today, our lives are inseparable from a wide range of electronic products. As electronic products are iteratively updated, e-waste has become an accessory to the times and technology. Some people recycle it and recycle it. Some people turn it into surreal art, reduce environmental pressure and bring visual enjoyment; but in reality, there is still a huge amount of e-waste in need of green solutions.

The prosperity of the electronic market has caused more and more discarded electronic products to surround us. The elimination of old mobile phones, scrapped computers, and broken household appliances has intensified the situation of garbage siege. Take China as an example. According to statistics, there are 400-500 million new mobile phones sold in China each year, and the number of eliminated mobile phones is 300-400 million. The amount of electronic waste generated by used mobile phones alone reaches 10 million tons.

Based on this, some experts predict that in the future, e-waste will continue to grow substantially, becoming the fastest growing segment of the world’s domestic waste. Unlike other forms of pollution, the garbage siege will make humans have nowhere to escape. It is even more important to curb the growth rate of e-waste and strengthen waste.

In addition, as a nobleman in the garbage, the harm caused by electronic waste far exceeds that of ordinary garbage. According to the data, e-waste contains a large amount of toxic and harmful chemicals such as lead, chromium and mercury. It can be discarded or simply landfilled, which not only wastes resources that can be recycled and reused, but also adversely affects the environment and human health.

Therefore, we believe that the benefits of avoiding harm can become a direction of dealing with e-waste, turning waste into treasure as much as possible, and then minimizing the harm through technical means. Among them, recycling, processing, and utilization are interlocking and indispensable.

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