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Precious metal refine plant

Precious metal refine plant

Using to refine the precious metal(such as gold,sliver,platinum,palladium) from the kinds of e-waste board.

Precious metal refine plant Process description:

In intermediate frequency furnace and converting furnace process smelting reduction and     oxidation smelting, then do water broken to refining the precious metal alloy block,and then go through the extraction of precious metals to extraction separation and refining various precious metals. In the workshop, all local produce exhaust must be established with the ozone absorption device,all local produce liquid must set up the tail liquid guiding device,make the tail liquid fluid into waste water treatment plant,after the standard can be discharge into or reuse.

Precious metal refine plant Craft diagram:

Precious metal refine plant1

Precious metal refine plant Features

1.After processing waste water emissions remain the same;
The recycle rato of gold,sliver,platinum,palladium can get more than 99%,the purity of the
Precious metal can get 99%;
3.Full Automatic,saving the labor cost;
4.The tail gas treatment system can produce useful chemical raw materials, can create value;
5.The tail gas use full auto control system,discharge completely accord with national environmental requirements.

Precious metal refine plant Parameters

Model Capacity Power Recycle rate Purity
GJ-100 100kg/day 20kw ≥99% ≥99%
GJ-300 300kg/day 30kw ≥99% ≥99%

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    My name is Hasan from KILIÇLAR HURDACILIK SAN VE TIC. A.Ş. Our company has been operating in Turkey for 40 years.

    I want to receive information about your system. I want to handle the electronic circuit boards. I want to build a facility can receive the precious metals in them.
    I would appreciate your early reply in advance.


    Hasan Tarık Ağırkan KILIÇLAR HURDACILIK A.Ş.

  2. Ahmad Yahia说道:

    Please email me a quotation for the GJ-100 and the GJ-300 Precious Metal Refining plants

  3. Maroun Hajj说道:

    Dear Sirs,

    We are in interest of GJ-100
    we would like to receive more info and details of this machine
    Also if we can get a price quote on FOB Basis

    Thanks in advance

    Maroun Hajj

  4. Toby说道:

    What is the cost of the GJ-100

  5. Aditya Goyal说道:

    I am Looking For GJ-300 and also want to know more details and information about this machine.
    Also want to know price on FOB basis


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