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Plastic electrostatic separator

Plastic electrostatic separator

It mainly uses to separate different kinds of mixed plastic, such as: PP, PE, PVC, PET, ABS and so on.

Plastic electrostatic separator Process description                                                    

After crushing, washing, your different plastic raw materials will go into our dryer machine to drying, and then into our electrostatic generator to electrification, and according to the different properties of electricity for different plastic, our plastic separator machine can separate the different kinds of plastic materials.

Plastic electrostatic separator2

Plastic electrostatic separator Craft diagram

Plastic electrostatic separator1

Plastic electrostatic separator Features

1. The advanced technology is our unique factory in China.
2. High separate purity and high efficiency by electrostatic.
3. Low noise and easy operation.
4. Pulse dust removal system avoids pollution.
5. Reasonable layout makes maintenance convenience.

Plastic electrostatic separator Parameters

Model Power Capacity Static pressure Dimension Weight
PES-500 30KW/380V 500KG/H 8-10KV 4.2*3.6*4.2M 3.8T
PES-1000 55KW/380V 1000KG/H 18-20KV 8.2*7.0*4.2M 7.5T

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  1. Viktor Paramonob says:

    ladies and gentlemen.
    I will introduce companies from Ukraine, whose main business is processing of PET waste.
    Now we are interested in buying an electrostatic separator for cleaning PET flakes from impurities PP. PE. PVC, rubber.
    propuknaya required capacity to 2,500 kg / hour.
    please make a suggestion and send equipment specifications.
    Thank you.

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