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New Opportunities for Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

China’s per capital resources are limited. As part of the circular economy, the development of renewable resources industry is undoubtedly an important part of achieving sustainable development, and the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment is the top priority of the development of renewable resources industry. Therefore, it is necessary to re-recognize the electronic waste, improve the technical level of treatment, and fully enhance the reusable value of waste. Therefore, the standard recycling and recycling system is particularly important.

At the same time, the standard dismantling of discarded electrical and electronic products reduces the harm to the environment. In particular, the environmental benefits of printed circuit boards with high environmental risks are most significant. The printed circuit board is sold to qualified and qualified downstream enterprises for comprehensive utilization, which greatly avoids environmental pollution caused by irregular processing.

Zhengyang Machinery is a well-known manufacturer of circuit board recycling equipment in China. First, we have environmental quality certification and green promotion products issued by the state. Second, our equipment is completely mechanical and physical recycling technology. Third, our equipment is completely closed negative pressure production to avoid dust leakage. Fourth, our dust removal. Three-in-one equipment to increase dust removal equipment All ultra-fine dust can be completely collected and purified, so our recycling equipment is undoubtedly a standard environmental protection equipment, and our equipment can increase the economic benefits, because our production lines are all adopted Automated production, automatic feeding, crushing, crushing, separation, sorting, recycling and automatic dust removal and purification of air. The whole production line can be started and operated with only one or two people. Our equipment sorting process adopts our own independent research and development. The high-voltage electrostatic sorting equipment can re-select the clean tailings for metal sorting and recycling, so that the metal recovery rate can be greatly improved, increasing our recycling efficiency and effectively alleviating the originally unrich copper resources.

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