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Magnetic separator conveyor belt

Magnetic separator conveyor belt offer superior strength and reliability and are designed for separation of ferrous metal from kinds of belt conveyed products. The advanced design and construction make suspension over band magnet ideal for use in recycling, fire shredding, wood chip, and demolition applications.
Magnetic separator conveyor belt features:
1. Strong magnetic field intensity, high gradient and strong attractive force.
2. The unique stainless steel plate armored belt can protect the belt from damage by sharp ferromagnetism material.
3. Non excitation and self-cleaning will bring us energy saving and convenience in operation.
4. The belt of Magnet has self-adjustment function and the special sealed bearing block ensure the stable working of suspended magnetic separator in harsh environment.
5. Safe specification meets the international standard.
The above is a simple introduction about the magnetic separator conveyor belt and characteristics is introduced, if you are interested in our products you can contact us.

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