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Investment Value of Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The copper wire recycling machine recycling production line is mainly an environmental protection equipment for crushing and recycling copper particles such as waste cable wires, copper wires and copper-containing wires, and removing plastics, impurities and the like according to the material characteristics of the waste materials to obtain pure copper rice grains. Copper wire recycling is a valuable metal that can be recycled. It has high economic value and high recycling efficiency. Generally, cables and other plastics are used. It is usually perfected by using a complete set of waste copper and copper recycling production line equipment. The waste copper wire recycling line is suitable for various cable wires, copper cores, aluminum cores and other composite cables.
The configuration of the copper wire recycling production line is the main component of its production line, which can assist its perfect recycling. Generally, the complete waste copper wire recycling machine recycling production line includes a single-shaft shredder, a pulverizer, a magnetic separator, a vibration sorting machine, a bag filter, and a control cabinet. The main function of the uniaxial shredder is pre-crushing. The main function of the pulverizer is to perform secondary crushing. The ferrous metal is selected by the magnetic separator, and the copper and PCV rubber are sorted by a vibrating sorter. The dust collector is mainly used for dust removal. The whole set of equipment adopts independent PLC control system. The whole line is controlled by intelligent programming system. The single shaft machine overload is automatically reversed and the no-load automatic stop.
The copper wire recycling machine is a new industrial raw material produced by waste cable. Its use range and use value have surpassed that of refined copper, and it has a wide range of uses in the electronics industry. At present, the copper foil of the electronics industry is produced by electrowinning. The original technology is electrolytic copper as raw material, but the production efficiency is low and the production cost is high. The use of copper rice instead of electrolytic copper can greatly improve the production efficiency of copper foil. Production costs have been greatly reduced. At present, the high quality copper and rice in the domestic market is in short supply, and the supply market is in short supply.

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