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Investment Value of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

With the development of technology, the increasing number of electronic products,there are more and more electronic products, and become a threat to people’s lives. So what are the valuable materials in the waste circuit boards? In the circuit board, the taste of the metal is even in the hundreds of ordinary minerals, and the content is about 40%. The high content of all the boards is copper. The value of copper has always been high, which is also the main source of interest in circuit board recycling. A good circuit board recycling equipment is a necessary condition for the recycling of used circuit boards. For a variety of circuit board processing, the recovery rate can reach more than 98%, which is a weapon for the waste circuit board recycling industry.

Suny Group is one of the few recycling resource enterprises in China. The equipment specialized in the separation of waste aluminum and plastic is: the separation of aluminum-plastic composite materials such as aluminum-plastic panel, bottle cap, aluminum-plastic pipe, tablet packaging and trim. Equipment; copper-plastic separation equipment includes: waste wire, cable, copper clad plate and scrap of waste circuit board, circuit board drilling powder, copper-plastic pipe and other copper-plastic composite material separation equipment.

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