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Introduction of scrap circuit board crushing and recycling equipment

Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment, waste circuit board recycling equipment, circuit board separation and recycling equipment, circuit board dismantling and recycling equipment, electric circuit board decomposition equipment, circuit board gold equipment professional recycling company, through independent research and development to introduce German new gravity separation technology , The separation purity of the circuit board recovery equipment of the whole machine reaches more than 99.5%.

waste circuit board recycling equipment

waste circuit board recycling equipment

After the circuit board raw materials are processed by the equipment, the metal powder, resin powder, and fiber powder are separated. Generally, more than 85% of the metal powder is copper, and the rest is rare elements such as gold, silver, tin, and palladium. The market price is very high. Generally speaking, resin powder can be used in wood plastic industry, three plywood, five plywood or filler. Fibrous materials are more used for thermal insulation materials. Their market prospects are very broad, and the comprehensive utilization of waste will benefit the country and the people.

4. Technological advantages of electrical (line) circuit board recycling equipment:

1. Good overall performance, with unique effects on computer board recycling, computer board recycling, TV board recycling and other circuit control board recycling. It also has compatibility for the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitors.

2. This production line is an upgraded product of Type A products. On the basis of Type A, it consumes less power, has no noise, less labor, high automation procedures, and improved efficiency. At the same time, it occupies a smaller area and is a waste electricity (line) circuit board. Recycle to the current ideal production line. Welcome everyone to visit our company. At the same time, I strongly recommend that all friends use the circuit board recycling equipment produced by our company.

3. The whole set of equipment adopts a new type of dust collector, three-in-one dust removal (cyclone dust removal + electrostatic dust removal + static dust removal) to the air, without exhaust gas emission.

4. The appearance of the equipment is clean and tidy, and there is no dust bag, which replaces the problems that cannot be solved by traditional dust collectors.

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