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Introduce the Good Features of Fiber Grinder

Fiber grinder is composed by four main parts: wind pipe, cyclone separator, electric cabinet and water supply part. Feed in the material to the grinder room, after grinding and cooling by wind and water, get the 40-100 meshes rubber powder.
Fiber grinder is used to further grind the 10-30meshes power into -40-100meshes. Raw materials are plastic, rubber, waste PCB and so on. This machine has wide application in many fields.
The characters of fiber grinder are as follow:
1.Fiber grinder adopted the new design with special bearings, to achieve the high roating speed.
2.Convenient to install and maintence, only need to open the door to clean.
3.Fully automatically, from feeding, output, and separating.
4.Complete;y sealing when grinding, no dust pollution.
5.The mesh size can be adjusted, from 10 mesh to 120 mesh, and easy to adjust the grinding gap.
6.The grinding machine adopted the wind cooling together with water cooling system.
7.Good wear resistance, the service life is two times longer than the common abrasive disk.

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