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In Europe, 75% of a car is recycled.

According to auto recycling statistics, the car you are driving today will be a good source of many recyclable materials when it comes time to retire your ride. In fact, around 80% of a car can be recycled.
Much of that takes place while your car is still in service, through automotive aftermarket recycling.
Approximately 90% of a vehicle’s aluminum is recovered and recycled. Although this represents less than 10% of the vehicle by weight, it is nearly 50% by scrap value.
The automotive recycling industry supplies around 37% of all ferrous metal to blast furnaces and smelters across the United States.
Approximately 98% to 99% of car batteries can be recycled.
Car tire recycling is viable and material can be used to produce sandals and roadways.
Automotive recycling reduces accident rates by buying out of order vehicles from the road and keeping roads and highways clear of disabled and abandoned automobiles.
Increasingly, car windshield recycling is becoming common.
All of the above-mentioned facts and figures about auto recycling demonstrate that the worldwide auto recycling industry is a vibrant and entrepreneurial business opportunity.

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