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Improve Metal Recovery Rate of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

Circuit board recycling equipment is mainly used for separation and comprehensive performance of metal and non-metal in materials such as used circuit boards, copper clad boards, circuit boards and trims. Dry-crushing and pulverizing, the treated raw material is made into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then the metal is separated from the non-metal such as resin by a high-voltage electrostatic separator. The metal recovery rate is high, and the purity of the recovered metal is as high as 98%. In order to solve the dust problem, the circuit board recycling processing equipment adopts the three-in-one dust removal device independently developed by us: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, effectively solving the problem. Dust pollution problems, all indicators have reached national standards.
The equipment of the circuit board recycling equipment production line must be connected and coordinated reasonably to meet the needs of its own use and play a good recycling effect. In order to achieve the ideal separation and recovery of equipment, then we must have good professionals to have good quality equipment. The metal recovery rate of our equipment for metal separation and separation of circuit boards is as high as 99.8%. The recovery rate determines the level of recovery. The size of our income economy, the smaller the loss, the higher our economic efficiency. Similarly, we can design the placement and angle of your equipment according to your site, which can effectively prevent the equipment from being placed unreasonably and avoid the reduction of recovery rate.

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