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How to Use the Shredder Correctly

1. When the shredder is in use, avoid putting non-wood materials into the machine, such as some nails, metal objects, etc. The machine uses a sharp-edged blade, and the blade cuts the wood material without problems. The blade of the shredder is very damaging and even has a card machine phenomenon.
2, the maintenance of the wood crusher, for the amount of work hours of the wood crusher to calculate, that is, every time the machine is completed a certain amount of work, the need to technical maintenance of the machine parts. The use of the machine is determined according to different use conditions and processing materials. The load of the shredder motor is different, and the wood crusher is subjected to regular maintenance due to the heavy weight.
3, the usual use, according to the instructions for the use of machinery and equipment, so that you can use the shredder more efficiently in processing.
4. The shredder is used in industrial power, the power is relatively large, the motor drives the pulley to rotate, the pulley and the wood breaker blade drive, the inside is the bearing, so the failure of the bearing will directly lead to shredding and accelerate damage during use.

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