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How to Remove Copper From The PC Boards

All PC boards have a thin layer of copper that adheres to them. This copper is the wiring or traces for conveying an electrical current to all of the components that are soldered onto the board. You can recycle used PC boards, once you have removed all of the electronic components. What’s left are the copper traces, which you can strip and send to any recycling center or scrap yard that deals in recycling metals.

Fully automatic circuit board recycling machine can help you solve the problem. The equipment can separate 99% of the copper from the scrap PCBs.

Circuit board recycling machine adopts a process route that makes raw materials such as PCB waste (printed circuit boards) to be a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder by dry crushing and pulverization and then separates the metals from the non-metal materials such as resin by high voltage electrostatic separator.To avoid dust pollution in the process,we already add some air cleaning equipments for the solution of the problem of dust pollution with every index up to the national standard.

Comprehensive performance is good and Reduce power consumption, noise, little artificial and manpower, high automation procedures, improving efficiency, and covers an area of smaller,

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