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How to recycling printed board?

Printed board recycling machine main role is in view of the present more and more electronic products that generate a lot of PCB, the PCB recycling can choose two ways, one is Copper Electrolysis equipment for e waste processing, another is physical recycling, the end is conducted to get the precious metals to profit.
1. Large capacity, we all set Printed board recycling machine can reach 99.8%.
2. Our Printed board recycling machine using pulse air separator with high voltage electrostatic separator, it is different from common vibrating separator and electrostatic separator, we have a large capacity, high rate of separation, no pollution.
3. Increase the rate of separation of the purity of pulse air separator, this step can be individually > 95% of the metal powder.
4. We use the pulse dust removal equipment, easy to clean, no dust flying, different from the bag to remove equipment.
With the development of electronic science and technology, more and more new electrical appliances, and thus will produce more and more waste electronic products, this is a very good investment projects, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information about the products you can contact us.

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