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How to excavate “Urban Mines”?Just look at Germany,Japan and France

Electronic waste contains valuable metal, dispose will pollute the environment. Deal effectively with electronic waste to build multi-channel recycling system, strengthening the construction of policy system, strengthen supervision, law enforcement, but also need people to change the traditional concept of “e-waste useless”. Electronic waste mining the “urban mining”.
Germany- arouse the enthusiasm of consumers
According to German information technology, telecommunications, new media association estimates that about 86 million old mobile phones lying in the drawer of the germans, because a lot of consumer of electronic products recycling awareness is not strong.
In March 2015, the German government to draft legislation, decided to further improve the policy, discarded electronic products manufacturers have a duty to participate in recycling, not only to improve the network of second-hand electronic products trading electricity business engagement, the most important thing is, recycling must be free to consumers, arouse the enthusiasm of consumers, fundamentally make active into the recycling system of waste electronic products, in order to improve the recovery rate of waste electronic products.
France – makers liable main recovery
According to the French environment and energy management agency estimates 2014, French residents’ average per person per year to produce 20 kilograms of electronic waste, the annual produce 1.3 million tons of electronic waste, to effectively collect 85%. How to deal with the electronic waste recycling, by the French government attaches great importance to.
As early as in 2005, France is according to the European Union on handling measures launched nationwide e-waste recycling laws, and constantly improve, formed with electronics manufacturers to recycle, the main three parties involved in producers, sellers and users, eventually collected by professionals responsible for the processing of electronic waste recycling recycling chain.
Japan – suggest each 1 kg useful metal recycling
According to the environment ministry statistics, Japan now abandoned a year up to 650000 tons of small home appliance, it contains about 280000 tons of metal, totaling 84.4 billion yen. To this end, the Japanese government has formulated the goal in the 2015 fiscal year 2015 tons, the recovery of 1 kg per person per year, the recovery rate of nearly 20%. All of local governments to comply with the law is not mandatory, and taking the form of advice to promote implementation. Classification of local government responsibility for recycling and higher labor cost, free recycling waste of small home appliance to the related enterprise.
In addition to the local governments, related companies after obtain environment ministry identified, also can undertake recycling of waste of small home appliance. Japan’s big three mobile operators como in 2400 stores across the country, one of the recycling. In order to protect the privacy of consumer, the enterprise staff and witnessed by the consumers, to broken the old mobile phone, and then transported to the national logistics bases, classification processing, and decomposition, combustion and recovery of precious metals.
In view of the electronic product recycling, at present mainly through the shell and dismantling, dismantling electronic components machine, PCB recycling machine such as recycling precious metal recovery system, as the deepening of environmental protection consciousness, electronics recycling also will be more and more get attention.

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