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How to Deal With Scrap Laminated Aluminium Pipes

Aluminum-plastic PP-R also called as laminated aluminium tubes, generally has five layer complex combination, the middle-storey of thin walled Aluminium pipe, inner and outer layer is PP-R, widely replaed PP-R tubes, due to the tube has limited lifetime, and its popularity will decided existed a great quantity waste aluminium-plastic laminated tubes, and how to deal with lots of scrap laminated aluminium pipes?

How to Deal With Scrap Laminated Aluminium Pipes?

Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Machine is specialized design for recycling aluminium metal and PE/PVC nonmetal compound in dry physic and mechanical manner. The core technology is sorting recycling. The Line including scrap laminated aluminium tube crusher, waste aluminum-plastic PP-R grinder, triple dust removing, and three-grade Aluminum-plastic PP-R separating technology,high voltage electrostatic sorting, respectively. Its separation rate as high as 99% and the aluminium metal can be sold directly to make money.

After know how to recycling you waste aluminium-plastic PP-R, then how to build your own aluminium plastic recycling plant? Zhengyang Machinery has many years of production experience,welcome to visit our factory.

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