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How to choose a suitable copper wire granulator?

For copper wire recyclers there are two mainly issues they need to deal with in their copper recycling process, sources of scrap copper wire and the purchasing of copper wire granulator. We have talked about how to find scrap copper wire in other articles. Today let’s have a look at how to choose a suitable scrap copper wire granulator.

At first, some may feel at a loss when confronted with so many kinds of copper wire granulator. And the most frequently asked questions is “Where can I start?”With over ten years experience in manufacturing and selling copper wire granulator, we have concluded effective methods about this. Here we will share them with you.

First, having a check at which type of scrap copper wire you are going to process. Different machines apply to different copper wire types.There exists no real versatile machines. Our copper wire granulator especially designed for small, thin and miscellaneous copper wire while copper stripping machine requires copper wire to be straight.

Second, when purchasing, to know how much scrap copper wire you will process per day, that is your daily capacity will be helpful. For different machine has their combined processing amount. Like our scrap used copper granulator, Of course the bigger of the processing quantity is, the more expensive it is.

Third, it’s better for your to know the material of your copper wire. For example, Scrap copper wire granulator can be used for stripping copper wire with rubber, PVC insulation, and aluminum wire. Copper wire granulator can be used for processing enameled wire, rubber insulated copper wire and PVC insulated copper wire.

Above are some of the necessary questions you need to know. Actually the more you know about your needs, the better for your purchasing suitable machines.

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