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How much are scrap circuit boards worth?

Scrap circuit board recycling machine is a kinds of machinery that can recycling copper from scrap circuit board.

When we see the scrap circuit boards from an ore-resource perspective, circuit board scrap is not a “scrap”, it high-grade ore resource and it have a high value to recover.

A Sweden smelting plant called “Rönnskär” did an analysis report about the contains of the scrap computer circuit board. The metals contains can reach 49% high. Also, the scrap cellphone circuit board contains over 6 kinds of valuable metals as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper, tin, etc. The rate of each metals are as below: Au 100 g/t, Sliver 3.3 kg/t, Cu 268kg/t, Pd 100g/t, Pt 30g/ton, Sn 3kg/t.

In gold ore mining area, even the grade of the gold ore is less to 3g/t, it still has the mining value. Even for the concentrated gold ore after mining, the gold contains is around 70 g/t only.For some other valuable ores like silver ore or copper ore, the grade is still lower than the scrap PCB.

For different electronic devices, both of the metals rates and the contains are different. Normally the TV boards contains lesser precious metals than computer boards and it contains more iron and nickel. But both of them contain basically same kinds of metal elements.

Compare to extract the precious metals from ore, it will take much less energy consumption to process the scrap circuit board and produce less quantity of secondary waste. The recovered resin can be used as padding material and it can effect reduce the energy loss.

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  1. Alex says:

    “The rate of each metals are as below: Au 100 g/t, Sliver 3.3 kg/t, Cu 268kg/t, Pd 100kg/t, Pt 30g/ton, Sn 3kg/t.” Is the content of Palladium correct?

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