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How does the Cable Wire Recycling Machine handle waste wires

The origin of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine. When it comes to the Cable Wire Recycling Machine, many people have no concept, because there was no such machine at all before, and the development trend and development of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine is also due to the country’s increasing focus on environmental protection. Strict, environmental management is getting heavier and heavier, so this kind of machinery and equipment will appear.

The Cable Wire Recycling Machine is specifically for the production and processing of abandoned household electrical wires, including home improvement and abandoned household electrical wires collected from waste recycling stations, engineering waste cables, car demolition jacket wires, and other various types of cables and wires. The copper core or aluminum core is used to achieve the purpose of selling copper core or plastic wire sheath to earn profits.


In this process, there was no air pollution or water pollution. Because all the finished copper cores after processing have the size of rice grains, this machine is called Cable Wire Recycling Machine.

In short, the Cable Wire Recycling Machine is a wire shredder, the purpose of which is to crush all kinds of abandoned household wires, crush the wires for production and processing, and extract the copper from them. How is the specific environmental protection of the Tongmi machine achieved? Only by understanding the basic principles clearly, it is natural to understand the actual performance and actual effect of this machine.

We know that when copper is burned from wires, a large amount of polluted smoke will be emitted. So how is a dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine produced? The production and processing principle of dry Cable Wire Recycling Machines is: use a high-speed crusher to connect cables and wires. Quickly cut, and then break it to a very small particle state, and separate two materials with different specific gravity by a physical method of high frequency vibration.

Because we all know that the copper in the wire has a large proportion, and the wire sheath is made of plastic and has a small specific gravity. As long as the two materials are constantly separated by continuous slight vibration, they can be separated without any pollution. The effect of separating the copper core in the wire.

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