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How Does Circuit Board Recycling Machine Work ?

Circuit Board Recycling Machine is combined with the domestic and international advanced technology was developed. Circuit Board Recycling Machine is a kind of machinery can get metal powder and plastic powder from waste circuit board.Then ,How does the circuit board recycling machine work ?

Circuit Board Recycling Machine
Working Process:
Circuit board recycling machine adopts physical recycling method, first of all, the waste circuit board become mixed powder (metal powder and resin fiber powder); And then through the air separation equipment and electrostatic separation equipment to separate metal powder and resin fiber powder. To prevent dust pollution in the process of production, Add pulse duster after the air separation process, can effectively solve the dust pollution problem.
Production Process:
1.First crushing (let the big board to some small)
2.Secondary crushing (let the small board to powder)
4.Separate the products.

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