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High voltage electrostatic separator

High voltage electrostatic separator, its main function is used to separate the metal and nonmetal materials, form a complete set of this kind of machine is waste tyre recycling or cable wire recycling machine, it adopts high voltage electrostatic treatment principle, separating metal and non-metallic materials, separation efficiency is as high as 99.9%, impurity rate less than 1%, no secondary pollution.
High voltage electrostatic separator is mainly used in the waste printed circuit boards (copper) and PCB, all kinds of aluminum composite panel, aluminum foil, metal mineral processing and so on. It has a beautiful appearance and high applicability, cover an area of an area small, are popular with many factories.
Above is the simple introduction High voltage electrostatic separator, through the introduction you should also understand the basic function of it, if you want to know more information can go to the section product detail view parameters or you can contact us.

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