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Global e-waste contains 300 tonnes of gold

Taiwan media reports, the United Nations university, said in a report “e-waste” global output in 2014 reached 41.8 million metric tons, are at new highs in history, including the United States, China and Japan production separated the top three.
Per capita amount of electronic waste manufacturing rankings, part from think to pay attention to environmental protection of the nation is at the top, Norway first, then the sequence is Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and England.
Electronic waste refers to waste with a battery or wire, including mobile phones, hair dryer, refrigerator, etc. The United Nations university, says the report estimates that in 2014 only 6.5 million metric tons of e-waste recycling in the world, accounting for less than 1/6 of total. If these electronic waste of precious metals can be recycled, the estimated value of $52 billion, including 300 tonnes of gold, the amount equivalent to 11% of the global gold production in 2013.
Reported that, due to the electronic product sales increase, and more and more short, the service life of the 2018 global e-waste will exceed 50 million metric tons of mark. 2014 time is made in the United States and China account for around 32% of overall global electronic garbage, 7.1 million metric tons and 6 million tons respectively, Japan, Germany and India separated three to five. In terms of per capita electronic garbage, Norway’s largest manufacturing 28.4 kg per inhabitant; the second is Switzerland (26.3 kg), Iceland (26.1 kg), Denmark (24 kg) and the UK (23.5 kg). The United States ranked only ranks ninth in the (22.1 kg).
, deputy secretary-general of the United Nations and United Nations university President Malone said the global electronic waste is a valuable “urban mines”, is a very big potential recyclables for treasure, but at the same time, electronic waste also contain harmful substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, and damage the ozone layer, CFCS so through regular PCB recycling machine, precious metals recycling machine to recycle electronic waste.

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