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German battery recycling and utilization reached almost 100%

In the residential area in Germany, can be seen in a different color tag the classification of the trash can. Waste battery is not thrown into the trash can; They have a special recycling channels.
Decades ago, the germans also once will be discarded waste battery directly in the general rubbish bin. Many people do not know batteries contain lead, cadmium, mercury and other harmful heavy metal elements. Nowadays, Germany has a relatively mature battery recycling system. According to German “, a common battery recycling system foundation “, the national battery recycling has gradually from 39% in 2002 rose to 44% in 2012. Foundation, points out that on the one hand, the whole society’s battery recovery rate is not high, less than fifty percent; On the other hand, all recycling batteries, the material utilization rate reached almost 100%.
Germany to take effect in 2009, the battery act according to the law, Germany sell battery merchant, must also set up the battery recycling point. German supermarket size inside the battery recycling bins, is at the request of the battery act and placement. Recycling bins in the waste batteries must be at least once a week to empty. These batteries will be transported to the recycling plant.
Once you get recycling batteries, the material utilization rate is extremely high
In Germany battery recycling system, located in the northern port of Bremen are a key nodes. The city focused more battery recycling companies. These companies claim to its automatic sorting device technology is advanced, whether sorting speed, or sorting accuracy, for the first in the world. Werder Bremen port of these enterprises, can digest processing every year tens of thousands of tons of waste batteries; And Germany the battery scrap for the whole year, a total of only 14500 tons (2010 figures).
Widespread use of disposable dry cell is need to distinguish between the production year. Although now the production of alkaline batteries are not especially harmful ingredients, but in the 2001 years ago in the production of dry cells, still contain mercury. These contain mercury cell still is centralized, temporarily not do further processing, avoid mercury volatile into the atmosphere. And relatively harmless alkaline batteries, zinc, manganese, iron can be refined.

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