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Fully automatic waste PCB board recycling machine

Fully automatic waste PCB board recycling machine,PCB board recycling machine is also named waste electric and cable recycling equipment,It is a kind of machine used to crush waste copper wire and separate copper and plastic.Since the copper separated seems like rice grains,the machine is also called copper wire crusher,which is one of environment-friendly type equipment.
Fully automatic waste PCB board recycling machine Advantages:
This PCB board recycling machine is specially used to process all kinds of standard cables,like automobile electric circuit wire and communication cable,and unclassified cables,which can not be processed by wire-stripping machine.After breaking,pulverization and high pressure electrostatic separation,the copper and plastic of cables and wires can be completely separated for comprehensive utilization and to achieve a higher economic benefit without dust and secondary pollution.
1.This PCB board recycling machine use dry crushing and pulverizing to process the waste cable and wire into metal and non-metal mixture like plastic.Then the metal and plastic are separated through high pressure electrostatic separator.
2.the metal and plastic separation and recycling can be completed under multicomputer controlled one-time batch-feeding for crushing and automotive conveying,sound insulation technology and cooling system.
3.this equipment is characterized by little noise,large output and high innovation.After separation,the original quality of copper remained and plastic is recovered to produce great economic benefit.
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