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FPA Connects Informal Scrap Collectors to Global Plastics Chain

The recently launched Italy-based Fair Plastic Alliance (FPA) aims to redefine global plastic collection efforts by integrating informal scrap collectors to the global chain of plastic packaging and recycling companies. The alliance vows to create improved working conditions for informal collectors, mainly in emerging countries. The members of the alliance in various countries focus on bringing in innovation in the manner in which plastic scrap gets collected.

The primary goal of FPA is to devise effective ways to address environmental and social challenges associated with poor handling of the plastic recycling chain. It proposes a business model where workers play a key role. The alliance targets development of an inclusive chain, in which informal plastic scrap collectors form the key links. It brings together for-profit and non-profit international stakeholders, by guaranteeing fully recognized job and dignified lifestyle for all the workers who operate in the informal waste collection sector.

The initiative will likely result in lifting thousands of informal waste pickers out of poverty and ensure environmental cleanliness, thereby creating 100% positive social and environmental impact.

The members of the alliance include Serioplast- a leading plastic packaging producer, non-profits- Oxfam and CESVI, Nigerian start-up WeCyclers and a number of co-operatives in various countries.

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