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Four Methods to recycling copper wire

There are mainly four methods to recycle copper wire, that is, freezing method, chemical method, thermal decomposition and mechanical separation. The first method makes use of extremely low temperature to let the insulation drop off. This method is suitable for various kinds of wires, yet the condition is not so easily realized. As for chemical method, how to deal with the used solvent is a big problem.

Thermal decomposition and mechanical separation are two kinds of widely-used methods. The advantage of thermal decomposition is providing copper granule of extremely high purity. Those copper granule got by the most advanced technology even can be put into the manufacturer of copper wire. Of course, its requirements for the control of doubles of index and equipment are very strict. For common enterprises, it is too complex and expensive.

Compared with thermal decomposition, mechanical separation also has high recycling rate. At the same time, it owns some incomparable qualities. First, since it takes advantage of mechanical force, the operation is relatively simple and won’t cause second pollution. Then, the cost of purchasing machine like copper wire recycling machine and wire stripping machine is lower than other equipment. As a whole, mechanical separation is of high recycling effect, simple and safe operation, little need for labor and low cost, so it is very suitable for small business.

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