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Electronic waste is equal to the potential gold mine

With the improvement of human society informatization degree, electronic waste has become a worldwide one of the major problems that affect environment and human sustainable development. The UN calls it “one of the world’s fastest-growing solid waste”, no matter in developed countries and developing countries. According to “solve the problem of electronic waste” of the United Nations international initiative predicted that by 2017 the number of global electronic waste to grow by 33%, more than 60 million tons.
Electronic waste is equal to the potential gold mine
There were a lot waste mobile phones, computers and other parts of components, gold and silver and brass can be extracted from precious metals such as gold. The content of electronic waste of precious metals is much higher than in the ore, but also simple processing, low cost recovery.
In mobile phones, for example, can be extracted from the old cell phones per ton of gold ore is 50 times. Among them, one ton of circuit board can be isolated from about 130 kilograms of copper, tin 20 kg, 0.45 kg of gold. Every 100 grams mobile body contains an average of 14 grams of copper, 0.19 g 0.03 grams, 0.03 grams of gold and silver palladium. According to estimates, 200000 sets of dismantling the old home appliance, can recycle all kinds of 4100 tons, 1300 tons of plastic, metal and glass 640 tons; Processing 1 ton chip of the circuit board, can be broken down out of the 130 kg tin copper, 20 kg and 0.4 kg of gold.
Japan will make medals using precious metals from electronic waste
According to the nikkei Asian review reports, the organizers of the 2020 summer Olympic Games in Tokyo plans to use the recycled waste smart phones and other electronic products from metal to produce gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, hope that this method can enhance the understanding of “e-waste” people.
Electronic waste of precious metals with high purity, easy to extract feature and high value, so the recovery of electronic waste and resources, not only the recovery cost is lower than the ore smelting, but also contributed a lot to reduce the pollution of electronic waste.
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