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Electronic waste: Enemy at the gate

As the wave of industrialization swept across the global, electronic waste has become the world’s fastest growing garbage. According to the ministry data shows, at present, China’s main electronic products like mobile phones, computers, color TV sets annual production of more than 2 billion units, electric and electronic products each year scrap quantity more than 200 million units, the weight of more than 5 million tons, China has become the world’s biggest electric and electronic products production and waste power.
“Precious metals refining by precious metals recycling machine is the most profitable part of electronic waste.” Circuit board can be extracted gold 300 grams per ton, platinum 5 ~ 10 grams and 2000 grams of silver copper, tin 25 kg, 120 kg.
Waste circuit board recycling technology focuses on the precious metal recovery. However, as the requirements of technical update and resource reuse, has developed into to non-ferrous metals, precious metals, organic substances such as the comprehensive recycling. Many countries for its disposal to do a lot of research, developed the recycling disposal process, in order to recycle the useful composition of stability or eliminate the harmful ingredients, reduce the pollution to the environment.
A survey also showed that 35.8% of respondents to one to two years to replace a electronic product, more than sixty percent of the respondents have discarded electronic products such as mobile phone, computer accessories, 65.4% of respondents admitted that most of the discarded electronics idle at home, is not effective. I hope in the future the abandoned electronic waste can be recycled.

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