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Electronic waste can be seen everywhere

In China, is famous for its e-waste dismantling of Guangzhou city in a few years ago, It backward extraction technology used electronic waste, lead to a large number of soil pollution.
Excess barium content in soil, according to the survey, more than 10 times, tin exceed bid 152 times, lead paint, 212 times, chromium to exceed bid 1338 times. Due to prolonged exposure to toxic gases, practitioners of health has been greatly damaged, most of the patients with the skin or respiratory system, nervous system and other aspects of the disease.
Now mobile phone is the fastest update product in all electronic products, especially young people, mobile phones as a fashion consumer goods, and even see it as a status symbol, this in itself is not a kind of environmentally friendly behavior. Consumer buying new, often only see the new cool, but ignored the old cell phones “sad”.
For the processing of electronic waste a lot of places have no formal approach, this method has very big harm for the environment, our company can provide a full range of electronic waste recycling line, welcome to contact us.

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