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E-waste shredder PCB recycling machine

E-waste shredder PCB recycling machine,E-waste shredder PCB recycling machine is mainly used for recycling of various waste printed circuit boards, computer boards, TV board, copper plate, and deal with the waste printed circuit boards using electrical appliances, composite panels, etc., it has a high recovery rate, precious metal recovery rate reached 99%.
E-waste shredder PCB recycling machine Principle:
Circuit board recycling equipment use process route, make PCB resin fibre and the mixture of raw materials such as metal powder dry crushing and grinding, then metal and non-metal materials, such as resin by high voltage electrostatic separator. In order to avoid the dust pollution in the process, equipment and the use of dust removal equipment. The whole process won’t have environmental pollution problems.
E-waste shredder PCB recycling machine Features:
1.Metal and nonmetal can be completely separated with more than 99.9% recovery rate.
2.no dust, low noise, simple operation, process automation
3.easy for operating, easy to maintenance
With the development of science and technology, the number of electronic waste is also more and more, circuit board recycling will be a very good investment projects, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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