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Development trend of copper granulator machine

Internationally, waste cable recycling industry develops very fast in recent years, but after using traditional technology processing waste cable copper scrap copper wire can only do use, still need to go through smelting, electrolysis process can become materials such as copper.

Copper granulator machine processing waste cable is a kind of more advanced technology, the first in the United States and other developed countries began to application. Technologically advanced mechanical processing waste copper meters cable effect is very good, scrap cable, after a series of processing methods can get pure copper particles and plastic. The so-called copper meters, is the copper particles, its quality is equivalent to the quality of electrolytic copper, can be used directly.

The main indicators of cable wire recycling machinery is the purity of copper meters, plastic leather in the residual amount of copper, power consumption, environmental protection and production cost. The residual copper waste plastics is higher, not only make the recovery rate of copper is reduced, and reduces the use of waste plastics class, damage to the environment at the same time.

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