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Dell Recycles 2 Billion Pounds of E-Waste

Dell is one of the leading computer manufacturers that are doing good for the environment, as it has recycled 2 billion pounds of said e-waste ahead of a planned 2020 goal. The original proposals for Dell’s e-waste management goals were highlighted in a document from 2013. Appropriately named the “Legacy of Good Plan,” it set the high bar of recycling 2 billion pounds of e-waste by 2020, but the goal was instead reached ahead of time in 2018. According to Kefetew Selassie, the head of Dell’s Taiwan Design Center, Dell recycled consumer plastics, carbon fiber waste, and gold from motherboards as part of this achievement. Dell even has plans to use 100 million pounds of the recycled materials before this coming Earth Day.

Noted by DigiTimes, Dell’s future plans for recycling e-waste include working with a startup company in India to recycle the gas emitted from diesel generators and turn it into ink for printers. That builds on current initiatives which already turn e-waste into materials found across its product lineup and in its desktops, servers, monitors, and laptops.

As great as recycling 2 billion pounds of e-waste sounds, it is just one small drop in the bucket. Forecasts from 2010 had shown that the volume of electronic waste generated worldwide was expected to grow to 49.8 million metric tons by the year 2018. That makes recycling e-waste a high priority moving forward for the future of our planet.

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