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Defunct CRT Processor Claims Complete Cleanup of Stockpiles

The owners of failed recycling business Nulife Glass have announced that it has completely removed CRT piles from its shuttered Virginia facility. With this, the company has successfully completed cleanup of all its facilities.

Launched in 2013, Nulife has been accumulating CRT materials at its facilities in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, so as to ensure sufficient supply to its furnaces. It had faced heavy fines from authorities for maintaining huge stockpiles of CRTs. Owing to difficulty in meeting regulatory requirements with regards to stockpiling CRTs, the company announced its decision to shut down in November 2017. Following this, the company was ordered to remove and clean up all its sites, within a year.

Nulife spent multi-million dollars for the cleanup operation. Around 16,000 tons of CRT glasses were disposed of from its facilities in Dunkirk, N.Y, and Pennsylvania. It also included a part of the stock at Bristol, VA site. As per Bristol City Council, the company has now removed approximately 5,000 tons of CRT materials, which were still pending for removal at the Bristol, VA facility. With this, the Council confirmed that all materials inside the building have been removed.

Last week, city’s Industrial Development Authority had released Nulife from a performance agreement related to the Bristol facility by a 4-0 vote, further to complete cleanup of the site and repayment of $110,000 Commonwealth Opportunity Grant to the state.

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