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Daily Maintenance Analysis of Shredder Equipment

A shredder is a machine that is used as a fine crusher and is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or scraps to make them smaller in size. A representative example is the shredding of plastic or rubber scraps and then granulation as a raw material for remaking plastic bottles, tires or trash cans, and the like. The shredder is used in the plastic recycling industry and is often used for the crushing of large-diameter PE plastic pipes, bundled plastic film, large plastic sheets and machine heads.
Classification of multi-function shredder equipment :
Metal shredder: For the shredding of materials such as color steel, iron filings, steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum plates, steel wires, circuit boards, cans and paint buckets.
Wood shredder: shredded materials such as wood, branches, wood scraps.
Plastic shredder: woven, thin plastic, tons of bag machine, headstock, whip, PVC pipe and other materials shredded.
Rubber shredder: car tires, waste rubber, etc.

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