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Cost and Profit of Aluminum-plastic Separation

At present, there are more aluminum-plastic composite materials on the market, so the separation of aluminum-plastics has become a hot spot for investment. However, many investors have found that profits are limited or unprofitable, and even lose money. The following various materials are discussed separately.
1. Aluminum-plastic composite board: The process of separating aluminum-plastic composite board is relatively simple, and the processing cost is not high. However, due to the poor quality of the plastic, the market price is not more than 3,000 yuan/ton, and the raw material price is higher (about 4,000 yuan/ton. ), so the profit is lower.
2. Medicine board: domestic scrap price is higher (4000-4500 yuan / ton), because the aluminum content is less (about 10%), although the processing cost is lower but the profit is not high. There is also the pvc in the separation process. It will be contaminated by printing ink and colored (mainly formula problems), which affects the selling price.
At present, there are many waste tablets in the imported waste, the price is not high, but can not be separated by ordinary methods; and the PE film is sandwiched between aluminum and pvc, and further separation of PVC and PE is required, resulting in an increase in cost.
3. Aluminum-plastic composite film: Many operators find that there is no problem in purchasing small technical tests. In mass production, the solvent is highly volatile, and the cost is high. In fact, this problem is mainly a device problem. Generally, when the low-boiling solvent is used, the sealing performance of the device is required to be good; at the same time, a better condensing system is required to ensure the recovery rate of the solvent (at least 85% is recovered), so that the cost can be reduced. According to our experience, the recovery rate of the solvent can reach 90%. Moreover, many aluminum plastic films can be separated by a lower cost formula, such as Tetra Pak packaging, there is no need to use solvents. Different formulations for different materials are another way to reduce costs.

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