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Copper-plastic separators are widely used in wire recycling

Copper-plastic separator is a new type of metal resource equipment, which is widely used in the separation and recycling of wires and copper-plastic. Its main function is to separate copper from plastics, using a physical separation method, which will not cause pollution to the environment, and at the same time achieve the effect of recycling resources.

With the hot market sales, many customers have also invested; then it is recommended that customers choose more manufacturers to compare when buying a copper-plastic separator. When purchasing a machine, compare the sorting technology, sorting rate, and sample results, and compare plants. The actual sorting strength and the strength of the manufacturers should be investigated and compared. Don’t be deceived by the leather bag company. Especially when signing the contract, the contract should be legally evaluated to ensure that it does not suffer.


The copper-plastic separator, as its name implies, is metal scrap or scrap of copper and plastic mixed together. Some copper-plastic scraps are also mixed with other metals such as iron and stainless steel. These mixed copper-plastic mixtures are separated by a copper-plastic separator. The copper-plastic separator is a whole production line, and the equipment includes plastic crusher, air flow separator and so on. In our daily life, the common waste wires, communication wires, automobile wires and other copper-containing metal wires all need copper-plastic separators.

The product characteristics of the copper-plastic separator: 1. All the processes are physical separation, without heating and burning water and chemistry, so it is environmentally friendly and has no pollution. 2. The process cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the separation rate can reach 99.8%. 3. Automatic production line, saving labor, only one or two people are enough to operate the machine. 4. The production line is widely used. 5. The production line is easy to install and has various assembly methods, which can be adapted to different places.

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