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Copper meters machine applicable raw materials?

Copper meters machine is also called the cable wire recycling machine, the whole process to avoid the burning method of copper bad for the environment, to achieve the recycling of plastic and copper.

Copper meters machine applicable raw materials

For miscellaneous line scrap, scrap copper wire, fine wool, copper plastic composite wire, aluminum wire, sheathed wire, through the proportion of coarse and fine crushing, in addition to iron, separation, electrostatic separation process, completely dry physical separation, make the metal recovery rate is close to 100%, achieved basically no copper, copper in plastic in the plastic.

Equipment automation degree is high, 1-2 people can operate equipment, parts control speed and feed are all controlled by inverter, high sensitive. Mill cutting tools are all made of hard wear resistant tools, sharp degree of durability. Equipment structure is compact, take up the place. Easy to remove the installation, maintenance is convenient.

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