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Copper granulator machine play a huge role in the secondary metal industry

The usage of copper is high, all the year round and for the extraction of copper is a certain limit, so the demand for copper cannot be established on the stable resources reserve, if want to solve the demand of the non-ferrous metal must strengthen the resource recycling of non-ferrous metals, to reduce its reliance on mineral resources.
Traditional copper scrap recycling method for technology, environmental protection facilities of burned cable wire at random. Not only get low purity of copper, but in the process of burning burning line plastic produce large amounts of air pollution, waste pollution of soil and water.
Copper granulator machine professional special equipment used for scrap wire and cable recovery. As the machine running, workers throw waste wire and cable into the machine, only after a while, it was such a machine can be directly applied to industrial production of metal copper. Should be in Copper granulator machine, after crushing, grinding and separation, can be scrap cable wire and copper and PVC, PE plastic wire separation. Separation of copper can direct smelting copper ingot.
Of copper recovery more than 99%. Scrap cable wire after machining copper meters immediately into, and the whole process of the physical processing, low noise, no pollution, environmental zero emissions. Also solved the traditional recycling environmental pollution of the wire and cable.

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