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Copper Electrolysis equipment for e-waste processing

Copper Electrolysis equipment for e waste processing

Refine the copper from the mixed metal powder, copper purity 99.9%.

Copper Electrolysis equipment for e-waste processing Introduction:

The Separated metal part be smelted and cast into anode board for the process of copper electrolysis. since a large number of non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals and precious metals are used in the production of the circuit board , if in conventional electrolytic method, the anode often get passivated and causing electrolysis can not work normally. Here we suggest adopting pulse automatic pole changing electrolysis system, it not only solve the anode passivation problem effectively, but also help anode mud loose off. The time is set and adjusted arbitrarily by the control cabinet.

The electrolysis system is composed of a number of automatic IGBT power control module, belonging to digital pulse power equipment. Semiautomatic formwork mold is adopted during casting of the anode plate, and in order to shorten the electrolysis cycle, the anode thickness is generally controlled to 10 mm to 30 mm. In the electrolysis, Cu2+ obtains the the electron and turns into pure copper at the cathode. At the same time, gold, silver, palladium and the platinum remains in the anode mud. the anode mud be washed, undertake reducing smelting and oxidation smelting in frequency furnace, then we can get the precious metal alloy block. Then have it water broken, and then through the precious metal to make liquid extraction separation and refining a variety of precious metals. In the workshop, all place producing exhausting gas must be set up tail gas absorption device with the ozone, all places producing tail liquid must establish fluid diversion device, the tail liquid will be lead to the waste water treatment plant and be discharged or reused after meet the standard.

Copper Electrolysis equipment for e-waste processing Flowchart

Copper Electrolysis equipment for e waste processing1

Copper Electrolysis equipment for e-waste processing Features

1. After processing the tail liquid can be consistent with national environmental requirements
2. The recovery rate of gold, silver, palladium and platinum can be above 99% and the purity of precious metals can be above 99%.
3. Automatic controlling, compared with other processes, labor costs can be reduced by 90%.
4. The exhaust gas treatment system can produce useful chemicals, creating added value
5. Advanced technology make the electrolytic cycle much shorter.
5. The use of automatic control system for exhaust emissions, in full compliance with national environmental requirements “air pollutant discharge standards” GB16297-1996, no secondary pollution.

Copper Electrolysis equipment for e-waste processing Parameters:

Model Mixed metal powder Energy consumption(KWH) Electrolytic cycle(Anode/Cathode) Copper capacity Copper purity
DJ-500 500kg/d 280 15days/48h 370 99.9%
DJ-1000 1000kg/d 570 15days/48h 750 99.9%
DJ-2000 2000kg/d 1130 15days/48h 1500 99.9%
DJ-5000 5000kg/d 2850 15days/48h 3750 99.9%

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  1. kamran说道:

    i see your flow chart of (Copper Electrolysis equipment for e-waste processing Flowchart)
    really appreciative system you design.
    we are a e-waste recycling company i have mix metal separating system and anode casting furnace our anode ( Cu 76% Sn 10% Pb 4% Zn 2% AL 0.2% Fe 0.05% ) kindly let met know what is the our requirement for 99.9% copper purification.

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