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Copper Applications in Different Industries

Copper has a very close relationship with human as a non-ferrous metal, which has been widely used in the field of electricity, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction, defense industry and so on. And copper recycling is popular in the world. In this article, we would like to give you a brief introduction to copper applications in different industries.

Electric Power Industry
Copper can be used in the area of power transmission, cylinder manifold, transformer, switch, interconnecting devices, connectors, motor manufacturing, stator, rotor, shaft head, hollow conductor, communication cable and residential electrical circuits etc.

Electronic Industry
Electric vacuum devices, high frequency and UHF launch tube, crossing catheter and magnetron all need high-purity oxygen-free copper and dispersion strengthening oxygen-free copper. Printed circuits and copper printed circuits also need a large amount of the copper foil and a copper-based brazing material.

Energy and Petrochemical Industry
Energy industry: The main carry condenser tube plate and condenser pipe of the thermal power plant are all made of brass, bronze or white brass. Petrochemical industry: Copper and copper alloys are extensively used in manufacturing various corrosive medium contacting containers, piping system, filters, pumps and valves, evaporators, heat exchangers, condensers etc.

Machinery Industry
In addition to the motor, circuit, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and control system using a large amount of copper, a variety of transmission parts and fixed parts, such as cylinder liners, gears, worm gears, adapting pieces, fasteners and nuts all need the copper and copper alloy to increase lubrication.

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