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Copper Applications and Efficient Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Cable wire recycling machine is widely known as a useful machine for recycling scrap copper wire. And there are two reasons of for the coming out of cable wire recycling machine. One is the extensive application of the copper. The other is the environment pollution caused by the waste copper and the traditional copper processing.

Then, what are the main applications of the copper? Well, copper and copper alloys meet the challenges of modern life in many ways. They are amongst the most necessary materials needed to provide the means to keep home, commerce and industry running. The main uses of copper are listed below:

Electrical Applications
Approximately 65% of copper produced is used for electrical applications. Copper has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal, apart from silver, leading to applications in:Power generation and transmission – generators, transformers, motors, busbars and cables provide and deliver electricity safely and efficiently to homes and businesses. Electrical equipment – providing circuitry, wiring and contacts for PCs, TVs and mobile phones

25% of all the copper produced is used in buildings – for plumbing, roofing and cladding. Copper provides light, durable maintenance-free structures that are naturally good looking, long lasting and fully recyclable.

Trains, trams, cars and lorries all need copper and transport accounts for 7% of copper usage. The high purity copper wire harness system carries the current from the battery throughout the vehicle to equipment such as lights, central locking, on-board computers and satellite navigation systems.

The remaining 3% is used for coins, sculptures, musical instruments and cookware.

Since most of copper and copper alloys are used in the electrical industry, it seems quite normal that most of the waste copper is the scrap copper wire. In order to protect the environment and save the copper resources, Our cable wire recycling machine will fulfill its obligation in the environment protection and the resource conservation. Applying the most advanced separation technology, SUNY will provide you the high efficient, economical and affordable cable wire recycling machine.

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