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“City Minerals” Waste: A Valuable “Golden” Market

Global electronic waste monitoring report 2017 released by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations University and the International Solid Waste Association shows that the world generated 44 million 700 thousand tons of e-waste in2016, increase 3 million 300 thousand tons which rises nearly 8% compared with 2014. Experts point out that this trend will continue in the next few decades. Is there a way to develop the “urban mineral” from the electronic garbage to recycle it, and to eliminate the toxicity of the environmental pollution of the electronic waste? The answer is yes. According to statistics, the value of raw materials in e-waste in 2016 is as high as 55 billion euros. In fact, waste electrical and electronic products contain valuable resources.

An effective way to resource recycle and environment improving management is extracting and purifying precious metals from urban waste logistics. This process is called “City Mineral Extracting” and E-waste is the bottomless resource. In 2016, “Internet +” recycling of electronic waste in China mainly in the mobile phone. By 2017, “Internet +” recovery has been extended to large appliances, waste TV, refrigerator and washing machine etc. And it is widely in the country layout. Different from the traditional mode of recycling, “Internet +” holds a flagship of green brand, gives priority to use recycled products, and products that can’t be used will be sent to qualified enterprises to dismantle.

Electronic waste usually contains a large amount of toxic substances such as lead, chromium, mercury and so on. Improper disposal is not only a waste of resources, but also a great environmental pollution, and even a direct threat to human health. After professional recycling, through the “breakup – disassemble – separation” and other specialized disposal, copper, aluminum, plastic, rare and precious metals and other renewable resources can be selected and create great economic value. The intelligent shredding system of GEP achieves the automatic disassemble and separation of electronic waste through the intelligent technology of shredding, separation, separation and dedusting. It not only realizes effective shredding, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency of subsequent resource reuse. It has become a widely praised solution for electronic garbage shredding in the market.

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